About Us

Itzae is one of the leading outsourcing software development companies and it is well-known in the international market. We deliver user-friendly and reliable software solutions that meet our customers’ expectations. We practice special and unique approach to maintain long-term and beneficial partnership based on our advertency to customers’ needs and corporate transparency.

We’re flexible and fit any development need. So we can build a new product by being your complete dev team, or supporting your existing one. We’re great at code refactoring, agile and scrum methodologies, cleaning backlogs, planning new features, building complex back-end systems, and simply making you happy with daily automated progress updates.

Our principles

- Customer-oriented: foreseeing needs and exceeding expectations.

- Flexibility: guides our actions.

- We are together: teamwork does work!

- Efficiency and effectiveness: acting in the best possible manner to produce the expected result.

- Continuous improvement is our strength: that makes us strong and competitive.

Our Vision

We help transform our customers’ business by bringing greater flexibility, faster time to market, technical excellence and lower cost to their doorstep. Our customers rely on us to deliver measurable business value wherein our high performance outsourcing strategies help our customer’s business grow faster, stronger, and achieve sustainable differential advantage against their competition.

Corporate Values

Integrity, innovation, and excellence are three core values that motivate our professional staff to strive to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.

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